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Artificial Intelligence​

Accelerating the benefits of AI and machine learning.
IRF Tech is committed to helping ensure that these systems emphasise privacy and accountability, and foster equality and inclusion.
We aim to bring together the public and private sectors to co-design, test, and implement policies that increase the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Financial and Monetary Systems

Building more efficient, resilient, and equitable financial eco-systems. 
IRF Tech is committed to helping financial systems reinforce their contribution to sustainable economic growth and healthy social development. 
With our Financial Social network, we aim to provide a platform where real people can follow real people, where we engineer systems capable of protecting young investors and professionals, and reward anyone who is committed to creating quality content and creativity. Apart from them enabling the government and regulatory bodies to effectively communicate with the general public.

security, internet, crime

Addressing systemic challenges and improving digital trust.
IRF Tech is committed to helping governments and businesses address unprecedented security risks that threaten to undermine economic growth and public trust.
We aim to provide an impartial, global platform for dialogue and collaboration between cybersecurity communities in the private and public sectors – and bridge the gap between experts and decision-makers who want to build greater resilience.

The Metaverse

What is Metaverse? Defining and building an open and inclusive metaverse
IRF Tech is committed to bringing together leading voices from the private sector, civil society, academia, and policy to define the parameters of an economically viable, accessible, and inclusive metaverse.
We aim to foster collaboration among multiple stakeholders to build the metaverse in an integrated and open way, and to help it fulfil its promise by transforming consumer experiences and business models across industries.